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 Elevate Your Conference with Bags That Make a Difference Handcrafted in

South Africa | Supporting Women’s Co-ops | 100% Local

At Local Conference Solutions, we don’t just make conference bags. We create opportunities, empower communities, and deliver quality that speaks volumes. Every stitch tells a story of resilience and craftsmanship from the heart of Khayelitsha, South Africa.


Locally Crafted

Handmade by Skilled Artisans Every one of our bags is meticulously handcrafted by a team of talented artisans in the township of Khayelitsha, South Africa. These skilled seamstresses take pride in their workmanship, handling every step of production.

With an eye for detail and a commitment to quality, each bag becomes a unique piece made with care and creativity. The hands behind our products are those of resilient women invested in their craftsmanship and community.

By choosing our locally-made bags, you’re not only getting a superior product but also directly supporting entrepreneurship and empowering lives in underserved areas.

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Tailored to Your Brand

Make a lasting impression by customizing your conference bags to perfectly represent your brand’s identity and event theme. Choose from a wide array of materials, colours, patterns, and design options like embroidered logos or printed graphics. Our skilled artisans can bring your vision to life.

Beyond aesthetics, we offer customisations for size, shape, and functionality – from specialised compartments to comfortable straps. Every detail can be tailored to your needs.

With our flexibility, your bags become more than functional swag – they’re an extension of your brand that creates a unique, memorable experience for attendees.

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Durable Craftsmanship – Our bags are crafted to withstand the demands of conferences and events. From premium materials to meticulous construction, we prioritize quality and longevity in every product we make.

Reinforced stitching, sturdy fabrics, and resilient hardware ensure your bags can handle heavy use without compromising on style or function. Attention to detail is paramount, with every component carefully inspected for flawless craftsmanship.

With proper care, our bags will serve you through multiple events, maintaining their sleek appearance and reliable performance year after year. We stand behind the exceptional durability and lasting value of our locally-made products.

Trust that your investment in our high-quality conference bags will provide you with a versatile, hard-wearing accessory that complements your professional image.

Our story

  • 12 Women Employed
  • 3   Co-ops Supported

We’ve changed “Lives Changed” to “Countless Lives Touched” because while we may not have an exact number, each of those 12-15 women likely supports a family or contributes to their community, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

Our numbers may be modest, but our impact is mighty. Each bag represents a story of empowerment and hope. By choosing our products, you’re not just getting a conference bag; you’re investing in the dreams and livelihoods of women in Khayelitsha. Every purchase strengthens these co-ops, helping them grow and support even more families